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Worst Movie Awards!

Okay, so I decided to tell you which movies I don’t like. Just in case you would rather watch what I like than what everyone else likes! I am giving awards to the top three, plus the reasons why. Then, there will be honorable mentions!

In third place for Least Favorite Movies is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. This movie was nothing like the book. I really, really liked the book. In the movie, however, they screwed everything up and that’s all I need to say. It wraps it all up nicely.

In second place is a movie you have probably never heard of, seeing as it’s from 1968. It’s called Thunderbird 6, and it absolutely sucks. The fact that it’s from 1968 pretty much speaks for itself, but that;s not the worst of it. It’s puppets. Scary, scary puppets that can’t talk right and have magical hands that look real. It was horrible and in the twenty minutes that I saw of it, they accompliched nothing except shooting a few guys and throwing a corpse out of the airplane.

In first place, as The Worst movie Ever is… The Last Airbender! I w a huge fan of the T.V series, and I saw every episode. When I found out there was going to be a movie, naturally, I was excited. When I found out it was M. Night Shyamalan, I was even more excited! I went to the midnight showing. Opening night. There were mostly kids and high schoolers, and you could totally tell they were huge fans. M. Night said in an interview that he saw every episode. Which is why his first big mistake made no sense. He mispronounced “Aang, “Sokka”, “Avatar”, and “Iroh”. That is PATHETIC. You hear all of those words very clearly in the very first episode of the show. Either M. night has a hearing impairment, or he’s just an idiot. Second: the T.V. show was hilarious, and it made me laugh. The movie only made me laugh when there were crappy fight scenes or when there was cheesy dialogue. I laughed during a lot of the movie, but I wasn’t supposed to. M. Night, I am very angry, for lack of a nicer word.And last, it sucked. There were like three things similar to the show and the rest was a jumbled mess of crap. If you’ve seen the show and liked it, you’ll hate this movie. If you haven’t seen the show, don’t see the movie. It will confuse you and the dialogue is worse than Twilight. That’s saying a lot, especially coming from me. I will never get over the fact that M. night Shyamalan really really screwed up. Therefore, I will never see another one of his movies. And, get this, he’s planning on making the second movie more serious! IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY, YOU IDIOT!  My opinion is that M. night Shyamalan should be banished from the world, and that someone else like J.j Abrams should re-make it, because he isn’t stupid and he has a sense of humor. If I had a Facebook, I, like my sister, would join the club titled: “M Night Shyamalan should be hanged for treason against Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Honorable (or dishonorable, depending on how you look at it) Mentions:

The Twilight Saga

Robocops 1-3

Harry Potters 4-6

Shaggy Dog

Alvin and the Chipmunks 1 and 2


The Day the Earth Stood Still

Anything with Keanu Reeves except for Bill and Ted

Almost Anything with Nicholas Cage

The Last Unicorn




Comments on: "Worst Movie Awards!" (3)

  1. Have u seen The Last Airbender, It sucked.

  2. hanna the flipping great said:

    hey Leah, have you ever tried to throw someone out of an airplane? it’s hard, okay! Thunderbirds are go!

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