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Stars on Sesame Street! :)

These are the coolest ever!!

Hey, here is the super, super, SUPER hot guy, Jake Gyllenhaal, on Sesame Street!

And here’s his sister, Maggie.

Here is Jack Black. What a man.

I love Jason Mraz!

And Feist!

And Norah Jones!

HOLY CRAP! I had no idea this show was so old!

He he he!! I didn’t know the truth about Natalie Portman.

Julia Roberts. Such a good actress.

Wow… Neil Patrick Harris is the Manliest man ever.

Liam Neeson is so friggin’ talented!

This comment someone left cracks me up! (From Taken)

grabs the duckie— “I don’t know who you are… and I don’t know what you want. If it is money you are after, I have none. But what I do have is a perticular set of skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let me finish the ABC’s, I will not look for you…. But if you do not…. I will look for you, I WILL find you, and I will kill you…”

Wow. I guess all the really big celebrities re the ones that get to go on Sesame Street…

Tony Danza is such a lucky man. I want to get angry with Oscar!

“Hoi. I’m David…” Go David Becham! w00t.

Such a man!! WOAH!I heart Hugh Jackman.

Jimmy Fallon, I’m surprised you didn’t start giggling.

Brendan Fraser: Traveling from the center of the earth all the way to Sesame Street.

Ray Romano is so cool… PINEAPPLES!

w00t! Go Mrs. Obama! Is she part bird?

Okay… not quite the same… but whatever! Troy and Abed are better then Bert and Ernie.


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