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Okay! New thing! I am going to do an Actor of the Month!! This month: Jake Gyllenhaal. For good acting and all-around hotness. He’s been in quite a few movies, including: October Sky (Love that one), Prince of Persia (Okay, that one’s not the best, but he’s hot!), Brokeback Mountain (WHY!?? 😦  HE’S TOO HOT TO BE GAY!), and Brothers (I haven’t seen that…). So yeah! He’s like super hot and his sister, Maggie, is amazing, and he’s hot. Really, really hot. Aaaaahhh! Hanna, you should seriously consider marrying this man.

Yes, Jake Gyllenhaal, I do believe that I have fallen in love with you. I mean, look at his hair, and his smile, and his face! AAAAAAHHHH!


Comments on: "Actors" (7)

  1. Matt Damond: Oceans 11-13
    Jude Law: Sherloch Homes
    Robert downey Jr: Iron Man, Sherloch Homes
    George Clonney: Oceans11-13
    Will Ferril
    Nathon Fillion: Firefly, Serenity, Castle
    Elija Woods: The Lord of The Rings
    Lenard Nemoy: Spock in Star Trek, the new land of the lost, Outer limits

  2. Sam Worthington:Terminator:Salvation, Avatar, Clash of the Titans
    Jared Padalecki:Supernatural
    Jensen Ackles: Supernatural
    Chris Pine: Star Trek, Smokin’ Aces
    Anton Yelchin: Star Trek, Terminator:Salvation
    Christian Bale: Batman, Dark Knight, Prestige, Little Women, Public Enemies
    John Krasinski: The Office, Leatherheads
    Leonard Nimoy:Star Trek, Star Trek Original Series, Outer limits, Land of the Lost
    Shia LaBeuoff: Transformers, Holes, Disturbia
    Karl Urban: Star Trek, Bourne Supremecy, Lord of the Rings
    William Shatner: Star Trek Original Series, Over the Hedge
    Andy Samberg: SNL, Hotrod
    Dominic Monohan: Lord of the Rings, Wolverine, Lost
    Billy Boyd: Lord of the Rings, Master and Commander
    Elijah Wood: Lord of the Rings, 9
    Sean Astin: Lord of the Rings, Forever Strong, Rudy
    Zachary Quinto: Star Trek, Heroes
    Rayne Wilson: The Office, The Last Mimsy, Juno
    Viggo Mortenson: Lord of the Rings, Hidalgo
    Johnny Depp: Public Enemies, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Le Chocolate, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Crybaby, Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissorhands, Benny and Joon
    Will Ferrel: Zoolander, The Other Guys, Blades of Glory, Stranger than Fiction, ELF
    Russel Crowe: Master and Commander, Robin Hood
    Paul Betony: Master and Commander, A Knights Tale
    Chris Hemsworth: Thor, Star Trek
    Hugh Jackman: Wolverine, X-Men, X2, X-Men The Last Stand, Australia
    Steve Carell: The Office, Date Night, Despicable Me, Get Smart
    Zachary Levi: Chuck, Tangled
    Harrison Ford: Indiana Jones 1-4, Star Wars 4-6
    George Clooney: Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Ocean’s 11-13, Leatherheads
    John Wayne: The Cowboys, True Grit, Flying Tigers, El Derado, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Rio Bravo
    Peter Dinklage: Penelope, Prince Caspian, ELF
    Robert Downey Jr.: Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Sherlock Holmes, Shaggy Dog
    Nathan Fillion: Firefly, Serenity, Castle, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog
    Adam Baldwin: Serenity, Firefly, Chuck, Independence Day
    Jude Law: The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Sherlock Holmes
    Joaquin Phoenix: Signs, The Village, Walk the Line
    Matt Damon: Oceans 11-13, Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum, Invictus, Green Zone, True Grit, The Informant
    Heath Ledger: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, A Knights Tale, Dark Knight
    Steve Zahn: Sahara
    John Turturro: Transformers, Oh Brother Where Art Thou
    Ed Helms: The Office, The Hangover

    I GOT 1090 POINTS!!

  3. Oh, wait. Plus 5! Robert Downey Jr. is in the Avengers!

  4. Leah, omg omg omg omg omg omg. You will never guess who i saw at the saturday market. Nathan Fillion

  5. What?! NO WAY. What? Really? No!

  6. hanna the flipping great said:

    Sam Worthington: Avatar, Clash of the titans, Terminator Salvation, Great Raid
    Jared Padalecki: Gilmore Girls, Halloween, Supernatural
    Jensen Ackles: Supernatural, My Bloody Valentine, Smallville, Dawson’s Creek, Days of Our Lives, Dark Angel
    Chris Pine: Princess Diaries 2, Unstoppable, Smokin’ Aces, Carriers, Star Trek, Moscow
    Anton Yelchin: ER, Hearts in Atlantis, Terminator Salvation, Star Trek, Alpha Dog, Charlie Barlett
    Christian Bale: Little Women, Nolan Batman, the
    Prestige, the Machinist, Rescue Dawn, Empire of the Sun, Newsies, American Psycho
    John Krasinski: The Office, Leatherheads, License to Wed
    Leonard Nimoy: Star Trek, Star Trek movies, Star Trek 2009, Star Trek 2012, Fringe
    Shia LaBeouff: Wall Street 2, Even Steven, ER, Transformers, Disturbia, Holes
    Karl Urban: Bourne Supremacy, Pitch Black, Xena, LOTR, Star Trek, Ghost, Pathfinder, Doom
    William Shatner: Star Trek, Star Trek movies, Rescue 911, Boston Legal
    Andy Samberg: SNL, Hot Rod
    Dominic Monoghan: LOTR, Hetty Wainthrop, Lost
    Billy Boyd: Master and Commander, LOTR
    Elijah Wood: Flipper, LOTR, Deep Impact, The Good Son
    Sean Astin: 50 First Dates, Rudy, LOTR, The Goonies
    Zachary Quinto: Star Trek, Heroes
    Rayne Wilson: Juno, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, The Office, Sahara
    Viggo Mortensen: Appaloosa, Hidalgo, 28 Days, Eastern Promises, LOTR, GI Jane, The Road
    Johnny Depp: Chocolat, Edward Scissorhands, POTC, Corpse Bride, Benny and Joon, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Will Ferrell: Old School, Elf, Zoolander, Stranger than Fiction, SNL
    Russel Crowe: Master and Commander, Gladiator, Robin Hood, Beautiful Mind, American Gangster
    Paul Bettany: Iron Man 1-2, A Beautiful Mind, Master and Commander, Knight’s Tale, Firewall, DaVinci Code
    Chris Hemsworth: Home + Away, Thor, Star Trek, Avengers
    Hugh Jackman: The Fountain, X-Men, X-Men Origins 1+2, Australia
    Steve Carell: the Office, Evan Almighty, Bruce Almighty, Anchorman, Date Night, Get Smart, Despicable Me
    Zachary Levi: Chuck
    Harrison Ford: Indiana Jones, Firewall, Star Wars
    George Clooney: Ocean’s 11-13, Syriana, Michael Clayton, ER, Three Kings, O Brother Where Art Thou
    John Wayne: True Grit, Sons of Katie Elder, the Shootist, Angel and the Badman
    Peter Dinklage: Penelope, Elf, Prince Caspian
    Robert Downey Jr.: Iron Man 1-3, The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, Sherlock Holmes
    Nathan Fillion: Saving Private Ryan, Castle, Firefly, Serenity
    Adam Baldwin: X-Files, Firefly, Chuck, Serenity
    Jude Law: Alfie, AI, Imaginarium…, Sherlock Holmes, Repo Men, Sky Captain
    Joaquin Phoenix: Signs, Walk the Line, The Village
    Matt Damon: All the Pretty Horses, Ocean’s 11-13, Good Will Hunting, Bourne Movies
    Heath Ledger: A Knight’s Tale, the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, 10 Things I Hate About You, Ned Kelly, Four Feathers, Brokeback Mountain, Monster Ball
    Steve Zahn: Sahara, Joy Ride, Rescue Dawn
    John Turturro: Transformers, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Transformers 2
    Ed Helms: The Hangover, The Office, Evan Almighty, The Daily Show

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