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About Leah

I am Leah Hutcheson. I have lived in the same place for my whole life. I live in a two story house in the countryside.Two stories and a basement. I live away from the roads and city lights. My house is yellow with a green roof, and surrounded by trees. In the winter, the fireplace is full of warm, crackling flames,and our family sits on our couch huddled under a great big blanket. i have two cats. An ancient 15 year old, who is named RV and is lazy and grumpy, and a wild, tiny ornery kitten named Pepper. November 16th is my birthday! Yay! And my brother’s. Yup. Tragic isn’t it? I, Leah, was born five weeks early, right smack on my brother’s third birthday. ‘Sigh’. Such a tragedy. Now, you’ve heard about my brother. What about my other sibling? Well, I have an older sister named Hanna, and she is in college. She is pretty much the inspiration for nerdiness and awesomeness. She’s the best ever, and I can’t wait to see her at Christmas!
Here is my favorite quote, from Winston Churchill.
“Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which i will not put.”
Here’s another one, from ‘That 70’s Show’.
Donna: “I love you.”
Eric: “I love….. cake.”


Comments on: "About Leah" (1)

  1. hanna the flipping great said:

    question. why am I not mentioned anywhere in your little summary? should it not say, “and my older sister Hanna is my biggest inspiration for everything about me that is cool.”?

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