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I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts!


Scariest Commercial EVER!

Okay, this commercial scares me every time I see it! NIGHTMARE INDUCING!

Australian Actors Are HOT!

I have always loved Australians, mostly for their uber hot accents, but i never realized (Till now) how many hot Australian Actors there are!!


I’m Stoked!!!

So, I was sitting on my couch when my sister goes: “Hey, Leah! Come watch this preview!” So I do. I’m thinking, “Man, for an animated dude, this guy;s pretty hot.” But I don’t dare say it, for fear of getting mercilessly teased. But Hanna says, “He’s pretty hot!” And I go, “Yeah, I know!”  But we had to make sure the actor/voicer or whatever was a cool guy… it totally is! It’s Zachary Levi, from Chuck! Yes!!! I freaked out. Now, I am TOTALLY psyched out over a Disney princess movie! Oh, Well, I have no shame.

New Favorite T.V. Show!!

Burn Notice, created by Matt Nix, also the creator of The Good Guys, is my new favorite T.V. show!! It is so good! It is really really funny, and Michael Weston, played by Jeffery Donovan is super hot!

http://careerlessonsfromtv.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/jef_char_232.jpg See what I mean?!?!  BEAUTIFUL!https://i1.wp.com/4.bp.blogspot.com/_5s67MJWOeAg/SmuYX1ij8SI/AAAAAAAAAs4/1olJTbO9QVY/s400/the_charger.jpg Plus, he has a pretty sweet car.

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