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The best book ever is The league of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It’s the first book I have ever read that is based on a movie. The screenplay actually, but same difference. I actually thought that the movie was not a fraction as good as the book. The book was so amazing! So, the main dude is Allen Quatermain, famed explorer. He gathers a team of amazing people, so he can help a man called simply, “M” defeat the horrible Fantom, who is trying to take over the world. Included in the team are Mina Harker, a victim of Dracula; an American agent named Tom Sawyer, Captain Nimo; Rodney Skinner , the invisible man; Dr. Jekyll and his vicious alter-ego Mr. Hyde, and Dorian Gray, an immortal. It is a book full of adventure, comedy,  twists and turns, and a traitor that no one could have predicted! I really enjoyed this book, and when I ended it, it was bitter sweet. On one hand, I read it and got to see the great ending, but on the other hand, I finished ti, so I couldn’t read it any more. Oh, well, I love it!!!!


Comments on: "The Best Book Ever!!!!!!!" (1)

  1. hanna the flipping great said:

    DUDE, you totally read my book without my permission, yo!
    Just kidding. You should watch the movie too now. Cause Tom Sawyer is hot. The book is honestly probably better, even though it’s based on the movie, but still. Watch it.

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