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Percy Jackson Movie Review

Two thumbs down!! One star!! It FAILED!! Okay, as a movie itself, it’s okay, but pretty cheesy. But if you’re like me, meaning you read the book and loved it,  then you would hate this movie. It is so unbelievably inaccurate!! I was so disappointing! It added a bunch of crud that wasn’t in the book! They also left out some really intense parts, and characters! They left out two major Gods, a very important character in the books, and they left out my favorite part!! In the first book, Percy and Grover are in sixth grade. In the movie, they are in high-school!! In the book, Grover is, well, a wuss outside Camp Half-Blood, but in the movie he’s all muscular, and he’s a lady killer!! AHHHH!! It was so annoying! Annabeth was such a tomboy in the book, which is why I loved her. In the movie she was all girly and, “Ooh Percy, I love you, Oh Percy good job, Oh Percy I have feelings for you!” It was ruined! Ruined! RUINED!! IN the book, Luke is supposed to be all handsome, and he had this awesome scar! In the movie he’s creepy!! Okay, I’ll shut up now, I don’t to ruin it for y’all! I DON NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE!!! P.S, Old Perseus is cooler than Perseus Jackson.

Sixth grade? No way!

Not much of a tomboy is she?

Oh yes, such a wuss!



Comments on: "Percy Jackson Movie Review" (3)

  1. OMG, I’m soo going to ditch the movie and read the book.

  2. And, Leah, of course your background is a pic from Star Trek

  3. And of course, I had to lave 3 comments.:D

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