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Percy Jackson Movie Review

Two thumbs down!! One star!! It FAILED!! Okay, as a movie itself, it’s okay, but pretty cheesy. But if you’re like me, meaning you read the book and loved it,  then you would hate this movie. It is so unbelievably inaccurate!! I was so disappointing! It added a bunch of crud that wasn’t in the book! They also left out some really intense parts, and characters! They left out two major Gods, a very important character in the books, and they left out my favorite part!! In the first book, Percy and Grover are in sixth grade. In the movie, they are in high-school!! In the book, Grover is, well, a wuss outside Camp Half-Blood, but in the movie he’s all muscular, and he’s a lady killer!! AHHHH!! It was so annoying! Annabeth was such a tomboy in the book, which is why I loved her. In the movie she was all girly and, “Ooh Percy, I love you, Oh Percy good job, Oh Percy I have feelings for you!” It was ruined! Ruined! RUINED!! IN the book, Luke is supposed to be all handsome, and he had this awesome scar! In the movie he’s creepy!! Okay, I’ll shut up now, I don’t to ruin it for y’all! I DON NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE!!! P.S, Old Perseus is cooler than Perseus Jackson.

Sixth grade? No way!

Not much of a tomboy is she?

Oh yes, such a wuss!



Bobby’s Responsibilty

What was going on?

“Listen, Bobby. You are in grave danger. If they find you, do you know what would happen? Bang. They kill you, find her, and kill her! Do you understand?”

Bobby blinked. “Nope. Who is they? Who is she?  Who are you? What the heck is going on?”

The man sighed. “Call me Jim, I guess. That’s not the point. You, Bobby Anders, are here because you have a very important responsibility. You have to protect the girl who is going to save our  world as we know it.”

“WHAT?” Bobby cried.

Office Poll


Which character in the Office is best?


Yes! Nobody likes Dwight! Holla! Dwight fails. He’s funny, yes, but he fails.  Jim is, as you can see, the best character in the show! I like him because he’s funny and beats Dwight every time. I’m surprised that so many people voted for Michael. He fails, too!!

Jim pwning Dwight

Depressing Story I Wrote In Five Minutes

Three words. My life was ruined in three words. It’s amazing how, with a single phrase, your world can come crashing down around you. Whoever said that words can never hurt you obviously never went through anything even close to what I did. Those three words: “Kimmie is dead,” changed my life forever.

When her brother told em, I was horrified. He said it was an accident, late at night. He said that she was crossing the street and the driver in the car hadn’t seen her. How strange that after being alive for 28 years, having to face decisions and hardships and trials and all the bad things in life, it was all over for her in a matter of minutes.

A few days later, I put on my best suit and bought a bouquet of white roses. I drove to the tiny street on the corner and went in. My footsteps echoed in the silent building. When people started flooding in, they swarmed around me. I could see their sympathetic expressions, I could see their lips moving, but I couldn’t hear them. Everything seemed gray, muted. After the funeral, I went up to see Kimmie one last time. I gazed at her pale skin, her perfect lips. Then, my gaze fell to her left hand, the silver ring inlaid with diamonds. I had held it together until now. I couldn’t stop the tears. I slipped off my own engagement ring and put it on her chest. Maybe she would remember me.

In three words, my perfect world came crashing down.

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