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Class Review

The thing I was best at this term was definitely working on this blog. It was- is- so much fun! I now spend time at home on my blog, too (even though nobody ever sees it). I think this thing is a piece of art. I think Mr. Heinz as a teacher was really fun. It was really cool how he let us have a party. I also thought that it was really fun how he let us talk to each other. Which brings me to my next point. He let us talk a little too much! I know that to students that sounds terrible, but half the time I couldn’t hear myself think. I think Mr. Heinz could use a little more discipline. Something I could have done better was my wiki. I didn’t really put that much effort into it. So that’s pretty much it!!


Necker’s Cube

Check out this illusion! Just stare at the cube…

Which side pops out?

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