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Bobby Anders Continued…

The door swung open, and rough hands pulled Bobby into a dimly lit room.
As his eyes adjusted, he found that he was facing a short, stocky man with a large bushy black beard. In a big cushy chair sat a man that Bobby could hardly see, he was sinking in the chair so much. He was tall and scrawny with mousy brown hair, a long, sullen face and big, round, staring black eyes. He seemed to stare right into Bobby’s head, and he found it some-what disconcerting.
Unfortunately, Bobby was very brave. Too brave for his own good.
“What do you want?” he demanded. “I am not going to stand here wondering who you are, and why I’m here!”
With that, he turned to the door to leave.
“Stop!” the bearded man roared. “Don’t move!”
Bobby ignored him and reached for the door handle, only to be tackled form behind. He grunted under the burly man’s wait, as he was slammed to the floor.
The big man got up, breathing hard. “Bobby! What were you thinking? you could have gotten hurt!” he scolded.
Bobby was speechless. How did this guy know his name? What was going on?

to be continued…


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